Incoming Greyhound Makes It On The Big Screen

Hello Greyhound fans, family and friends! This is Coach Gless making a guest appearance spot on our blog because this story is too good to pass up! As recruiting coordinator, I’m always looking for ways to get our name out in the media, on TV, etc., and trying to come up with innovative ways to get the public to know more about Loyola. Well, Carly Monzo, one of the newest members of the WBB team (graduating class of 2018) has made that happen. It was like a dream come true the morning of Sunday, May 4th. I woke up to a bunch of emails, texts, even phone calls about “DID YOU RECRUIT CARLY MONZO???” “IS CARLY MONZO COMING TO YOUR SCHOOL???” “CARLY MONZO IS LEGENDARY!!!” So let me explain how one of the newest members of our Loyola basketball family made it to the big screen.

It all started with this video she created a month ago asking 2-time Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White, to go to prom. She was clever enough to film it with a Hero 2 GoPro camera, one of Shaun’s sponsors, as well as insert music from the band he plays in, Bad Things. (And this is all without a Loyola education… impressive! Haha). She spent a good amount of time on the video, getting her friends, her family, and her school involved. It had gotten close to 2,000 views and had been favorited and retweeted on Twitter for nearly the entire month of April, trying to get Shaun’s attention.

I happened to speak to Mary Monzo, Carly’s mother, the day before Carly’s senior prom. We were chatting about freshmen orientation dates and summer school, typical conversations leading up to starting college. Before I hung up, I had to ask her if she thought Shaun was going to make an appearance. She said no, she did not think he was going to come, and that Carly was super bummed but had a date to the prom either way. And then BAM. I open my phone the next morning to these links and pictures


2 dates selfie













logo-shareNBC Olympic Talk newsy-logo

And I think my favorite was a text from my brother, Adam (who works in the NBA, does not know much about women’s basketball) with this link from ESPN.

Adam continued to say he was so impressed, he admitted he did some research, and discovered she committed to play basketball at Loyola. So Carly, thank you for making me “cooler” in my brother’s eyes : )

And just when I thought Carly Monzo’s claim to fame had ended, I get texts and calls about how the story is going to be featured on Good Morning America! Here is the coverage!

With all of this said and done, we could not be happier to have Carly join our family. I am secretly hoping that Shaun White will make a surprise appearance at one of our basketball games next season! And Carly is a great representation of the new class of Greyhounds coming in- that if they put their mind to something, anything is possible!

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