Welcome To The 2013-14 Season!

Post by freshman guard Lisa Mirarchi:

Tons of excitement for the start of the new school year! It has been almost a month since Loyola University Maryland students reported back to campus, and it has been busy. After being on a quiet campus during the summer session, it has been refreshing to see new faces.

Everyone on the team has been working extremely hard the past few weeks in preparation for the official start of the season. Players had a variety of workouts including position work, concept work, individuals, conditioning, and lifting. In addition, fitness and strength tests have just finished up. We ended last week on a good note with the dreaded hill run. Each team member came prepared and focused and passed the test with flying colors. The coaches were very excited with the results, and are doing are great job pushing the team and keeping spirits high.


Last weekend, the women’s basketball players and coaches embarked on their first ever team retreat. No one knew what to expect from the short 36 hour time period, but the results were incredible. With complete isolation and removal from distractions, the team was able to properly focus and think about what was expected and wanted for the 2013-14 season. The team spent time thinking, reflecting, and discussing team plans and goals. We discussed team strengths and the value and importance of what each individual player brings to the team. After connecting on a deeper level, the team left the retreat house exhausted from a long weekend, but eager for the start of the season.

RETREAT2Practice begins Monday, Sept. 30. Despite the 7:30 a.m. start, everyone will be there with enthusiasm and a readiness to win the day. Watch out Patriot League! The Loyola women’s basketball team is geared up and ready to make our mark.

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