Start of MAAC Play

Hello everyone!


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying 2013. Thankfully the world did not end on December 21st like the Mayans predicted, so there is still basketball to be played!


Last Friday was the start of our MAAC play against the Fairfield Stags. We wound up losing the game 64-54 in Fairfield’s gym. Coach Logan was pretty upset with the loss and everyone knew we did not play to the best of our abilities. Our defense, something we pride ourselves on, was lacking, and many of Fairfield’s scores were uncontested and not earned. It was a frustrating start to our conference play and it showed us that winning games in the conference is not an easy thing to do.


We had to both keep in mind the feeling of loss against the Stags, but we also had to move on and mentally prepare for our game against Saint Peter’s, which was held on Sunday afternoon right after our men’s team defeated the St. Peter’s men’s team 74-58. Saturday’s practice consisted of a lot of defensive work. We went back to preseason drills of closing out and defensive positioning. No one wanted a repeat of the Fairfield loss. We told ourselves that if St. Peter’s were going to beat us, they would have to really earn it and be the better team at the end of the day.


Our team played pretty poorly in the first half, shooting terribly from the free throw line. Six free throws were missed and four of the six were the front end of a one and one. That’s a potential 10 points that we could have added to our score in just the first half. With the way we started off the game, being down by only six points at halftime was not terrible and we knew what we needed to do in order to come back. We successfully defeated the Peahens 56-47 and got our first MAAC win.


The team is traveling to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on Friday to face the Marist Red Foxes and will be facing the Rider Broncs Sunday afternoon at 4pm in Reitz Arena. If anyone is in the area please come support us hounds! Hope to see you there!

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