Where in the World is Coach Gless – Part 4

Tuesday is a day I will never forget. That is the day that I entered Olympic Park and got to experience my first ever Olympic competition. Walking through the Olympic Park was incredible. There are people representing nations all across the world, speaking all different languages, yet all united for the same purpose. The size of the park is overwhelming. It is HUGE. And in the middle of it they have big screen TVs that show live footage of the events that are taking place inside the different venues.

The USA game vs Canada was a blow out, but was great to see the best females basketball players in the USA play live. Maya Moore is even more incredible in person, which is hard to believe.  And the entire men’s USA team came to watch and support which I thought was so cool. The next morning in the London paper was a picture of the entire men’s team crammed into the underground train commuting to the game.

Last night I spent the day touring around the center of London. I saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby (where Will and Kate got married!), Big Ben, and even took a ride on the London Eye.  The weather was actually sunny as well. I lived in England for 2 years and I can count on my hand the number of sunny days there were!

I’m off to go start my day with a cup of tea (I admit I have conformed to the English culture) and to get ready for the women’s semi-finals. Go USA!

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