Getting to Know… Katie Sheahin


The first summer session is complete! Believe me when I tell you that my biology class was one of the hardest class I have ever taken, but I’m glad I took it in the summer so I could put the time and effort into it that I needed to.

I’m really happy that the second summer session has started because Alyssa, Steph, Britt, Diana, and Bree, are all here! I haven’t seen them all in a pretty long time, so I am more than thrilled to be spending a little over a month with them before the school year starts.  

This week I have decided to write about Katie Sheahin. Katie was my roommate on the road last year, so I really got to know her well, and we became a lot closer. First of all, Katie’s real name is Kaylyn. She absolutely hates it when people call her that, so I call her by her true name on purpose just to get a reaction out of her. It’s fun. When I think of Katie, I also think of her nephew Bryce. She loves him more than the world, and I understand why, because he is probably the cutest little boy I have ever seen. I am still waiting on meeting him, but hopefully this year I will get my chance. I also think we should make a team trip to the Sheahin’s restaurant. I hear the food is amazing and I would love to try it out (Coach Logan I hope you see this)!

Kaylyn is an amazing basketball player and a beast on the court, but she has the biggest heart, and I know I could tell her anything. We have had a lot of heart to heart moments this past year, and I know she will always be there for me in the future. If she ever got angry at something or someone, all I would have to do is put a picture of a cute puppy in front of her and her whole attitude would change from anger to crying tears of joy. I can’t wait to be spending one more year with her. This is Katie and Alyssa’s year to win the MAAC tournament, so I hope all of you who follow this blog follow what is going to be an amazing season! 

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