Getting to Know… Nneka Offodile

ImageHello everyone!

Summer school is officially underway and I think everyone on the team is finally in the flow of going to classes and attending our team workouts. As a team we work out almost all days of the week. Monday and Friday we have 7am workouts with our strength coach Brian, Tuesday and Thursday we have 9am team workouts, Wednesday we come in when we have free time in our schedules, and we try to play pickup every Sunday night. I’m not going to lie, it is very tiring to attend a workout in the morning and then have to go directly to work or class for the rest of the day (mine and Jeneh’s biology class is a whopping 6 hours on Monday and Wednesday), but I think I have adapted to the schedule nicely.

I am going to try something new in my future blogs and try to teach you all about the individual players on my team. Coach Gless thought it would be a cool idea to change the blog around and introduce you to a player every time a new blog is written, and I think she came up with a great idea! I am excited to give this a try, and I hope you all enjoy reading my future blogs!

For this week’s blog, I have decided to educate you all about the one and only Nneka Offodile! Last name is pronounced Off-oh-dee-le, please do not pronounce it wrong like all of the game announcers for other schools. Being from Kent, Ohio, I have no clue why Nneka chose to come to Loyola to play basketball, but I am very happy she did! Nneka is one of our strongest post players, and being only a rising junior, I think she will have a tremendous impact on the next two seasons for us. I have gotten to know Nneka very well over the past two years, and I can definitely say she is one of my closest teammates. Nneka and I enjoy taking trips to the park across the street and going on the swings for hours, talking about life (It’s actually quite peaceful, I highly recommend doing it sometime). Some fun facts about Nneka that I have noticed over the past two years: She really enjoys orange flavored foods, but if I remember correctly, she doesn’t actually like oranges. By the time Nneka finishes her first bite of food, the rest of her food is cold because she eats so slowly. Nneka says, “pop,” not “soda,” which always gets me so confused because I have no clue what she is talking about. And last but not least, Nneka plays with great intensity but has the heart of angel. I know I can always turn to her for anything.

I hope this gave you a sense of who the true Nneka Offodile really is!  I’m always looking for feedback on my blogs, so if anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know! 

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2 Responses to Getting to Know… Nneka Offodile

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  2. i’m big wom hoop fan since 1997….hounds 1 of new faves….always regarded loyola as good skool w/ much integrity….let’s get it started : UNLEASH OUR HOUNDS !!!

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