Hello once again!

The school year has finally ended! It is so great to be home, be able to relax once again, and not have to worry about any school work at the moment. The only thing that I am concerned with at the time is the amount of laundry my mom will leave for me to fold in the morning. Unfortunately, I just found out that my break doesn’t last very long, as I have to go back to Baltimore for my summer job this Sunday, but for the next couple of days, I plan on doing absolutely nothing, worrying about absolutely nothing, and eating as much home-cooked food as possible before its back to cereal and English muffins.

Post season ended only a couple of weeks ago. It’s weird knowing that I will be an upperclassman next year and that two years have already flown by. Where does the time go? The fact that it is summertime still hasn’t hit me. It feels like I am still in the middle of my freshman year. I am finally starting to understand what Meredith Tolley, Erica DiClemente, and Melissa Bangay were talking about in the beginning of my freshman year when they said that we need to take advantage of the time we have together because time flies and before we know it we will be graduating and leaving Loyola like they were about to do. They were right, I am already halfway through college and it’s really freaking me out since I am a statistics major, and have no clue what kind of job I will be able to get when I graduate.

This year’s post season was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Our coaches pushed us to a level we never thought we would be able to reach. We were able to grow as basketball players, grow as a team, and grow as individuals. Although the workouts were extremely hard and tiring on our bodies, we were able to get through them together, which in my opinion made our team even stronger. We all had to struggle and work together.

This summer should be fun, but eventful. Unlike last year, I will be taking a class (Biology) this summer. One of my roommates from the past two years will also be taking a class, so we will be rooming together and our suitemates will be Nicole Krusen and Katie Sheahin. I hear summer school is very different from the actual school year. I am not sure what people mean by the word different, but I’m excited to find out. It will all be worth it in the end because I will be working, I will get a few credits out of the way, and I will be playing basketball almost every day.

The majority of the team, as well as two of our incoming freshmen will be taking courses during the first summer session. It will be nice to bond with one another in our down time. The fact that we have a lot of free time in the summer will give me the opportunity to obtain enough information about each player to write about them in my blogs.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and make sure you follow our men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, as they both won their conference tournament and will be headed to the NCAA tournament shortly! Go Hounds!

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One Response to Summertime!

  1. Rachelle Logan says:

    Hi Julie,

    As a mother of one of the incoming freshman basketball players who will be coming to summer school this July, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I keep up with everything on twitter and facebook for Loyola women’s basketball. This blog is great. I am hoping my daughter will have the same experiences that you and and the rest of the lady hounds experienced. She is looking forward to summer school and becoming part of the Loyola women’s basketball family.

    Enjoy your time off,
    Rahelle Logan

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