End of the Regular-Season

Hello all!

Everyone knew this week would be an exciting one. We were given the opportunity to face those who are considered to be the two best teams in the MAAC right before going into the MAAC tournament; Fairfield on Friday and Marist on Sunday. Almost every day at practice Coach Logan mentioned the fact that he wouldn’t want to be playing any other teams this time of year and that this was a privilege and a great opportunity.

On Thursday night, we left for Bridgeport, Connecticut, home of the Fairfield Stags, who we would face Friday night. We wound up getting to the hotel pretty late and tried going right to sleep because we had shoot around early the next morning. We faced the Stags at 7pm Friday night. It wound up being a close game throughout, but the Stag’s were able to pull away with a victory, beating us 44-42. We had many key turnovers and did not shoot well from the free throw line, which is somewhat frustrating since we only lost by 2.

Sunday afternoon was both our Senior Day and our Women in Sports Day. Overall it was an extremely exciting day with a fantastic atmosphere. Hundreds and hundreds of young female athletes came to support us during our game against our rivals, the Marist Red Foxes. It was so sad to think that this would be our last home game of the season, and our seniors would soon be leaving us. No one will be able to replace the outstanding people they are and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m sure everyone else on our team would say the same. Everyone but the seniors spent the night before senior day and senior day morning making posters, printing out pictures, and decorating the entire locker room for the seniors on their special day. I think the seniors really liked what we did and hopefully it will be a day that they will never forget.

Sunday morning before shoot around, the coaches got posters made of the heads of the seniors and walked into the locker room holding the heads in front of their faces and acting out Kat, Miriam, and Kiara’s actions and personalities. It was absolutely hilarious and everyone thought it was a great idea. After watching a little more film of Marist, we went up onto the court to walk through some of the plays and concepts of what we would see that afternoon. After shoot around, we had a pregame meal, where we watched our senior goodbyes video. All of the non-seniors were filmed saying goodbye to the seniors and wishing them luck in the future. The freshmen wound up making skits and pretended to be the seniors, which made everyone burst out into laughter. They definitely win the award for most creative and funniest.

Unfortunately we were unable to defeat Marist on such a special day. We ended up losing the game 67-60. In order to win this game, we needed to play to the best of our ability, and I don’t think we did so. Winning games come down to what team has the least amount of turnovers, who capitalizes on all of the fundamentals, and who has more heart. We needed to make foul shots, win every loose ball, and want to win more than they did.

We have officially ended our regular season of basketball on Sunday and will be heading to the MAAC tournament in Springfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday afternoon. Because we wound up placing 4th in our conference, our first game will be held on Friday afternoon against the Niagara Purple Eagles. Hopefully there will be a video blog, so you will be able to get the full experience.

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