Five In A Row

Hello again!!

After our win against Rider last Saturday, Coach Logan gave us both Sunday and Monday off to rest our bodies and catch up on schoolwork. It was nice being able to get ahead on the workload I had to do this past week and it was really nice being able to relax. Our starting five have been playing a lot of minutes, and it wouldn’t be natural if their bodies weren’t hurting them, so I think the couple of days we had off allowed them to recover and heal all of the bumps and bruises they had gotten in the past couple of games.

We got back to work on Tuesday; starting to prepare ourselves for the two new teams we would be seeing on Friday (Iona) and Sunday (Fairfield). Because we had never played these teams before this year, we needed to really focus during practice and work hard in order to prepare ourselves for the two great teams we were about to face.

Going into Friday’s game against Iona, my teammate Katie Sheahin was only 8 points away from reaching 1000 and only 1 steal away from being the all-time leader in school history. Right away in the game, Katie was able to get the one steal she needed to beat the school record, and not long after, she was able to reach 1000 points. We were all so excited for her amazing accomplishments. To be a 1,000-point scorer and hold the steal record as a junior is amazing. We wound up beating Iona’s strong team 66-60. Not long after our game, our men’s team also faced the Iona Gaels. Loyola and Iona were both tied for first place in the MAAC going into the game, and this game would decide who would be in first and who would be in second in the standings. Reitz arena was packed and our men’s team gave quite the performance, beating Iona 87-81 and taking 1st in the MAAC.

We only had Saturday to prepare for Fairfield, who is also a very strong team, like Iona. We spent a lot of time watching film of Fairfield, learning about personnel, and walking through a lot of plays. We knew that we could not back down and had to leave everything on the court in order to win this game.

On Sunday morning we had 7:30am shoot around before our pregame meal, which was at 8am. As college students, we didn’t like the idea of having to wake up so early for shoot around, but it was necessary because we needed to learn more about Fairfield’s many plays and we needed to start mentally preparing ourselves for our 12 pm game.

Sunday was our Play 4Kay game, where we wore pink uniforms for breast cancer awareness and in memory of Kay Yow, who was the head coach of North Carolina State who passed away from stage 4 breast cancer a few years ago. It was great to see a lot of people come support the cause and support us during our game.

We were successfully able to defend our home court and defeat Fairfield 55-48. Overall we played very well as a team and played our hardest despite the fact that we had another game only two days before and everyone was banged up. Our defense was our main strength during the game. Fairfield’s team averages 6 made 3-pointers per game, and we were able to hold them to only 3 3-pointers and forced them to turn the ball over 12 times in the first half.

This weekend we are on the road again. We will be facing St. Peter’s on Friday and Iona on Sunday. I believe we will be doing another video blog this weekend that I think you will enjoy!

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