Nice To Be Back Home

I really hope you liked our video blog from our trip to Buffalo! We are hoping to continue video blogging on future road trips so you can really see what happens with the Loyola women’s basketball team!

This week was actually really great! We were finally able to attend a full week of classes. Because we have traveled the past two weekends, we were unable to attend our classes on both Fridays, which sounds nice for those who don’t like going to class, but it is actually stressful for us because we lose a day of learning, and we are responsible for catching up on all of the work. We have to somehow find the notes from the classes we miss and teach ourselves the material. Luckily, I have a few friends in all of my classes, so I am able to copy their notes from the classes I miss. The hard part is trying to teach myself the material. Usually we would have to meet with my professors outside of class during their office hours, or we need to schedule a tutoring appointment in the study.

We were really excited for both of our games this week. We faced Canisius on Thursday and Rider on Sunday. We had already played both teams during conference play and both games didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, so we were excited to get some revenge and win a few more conference games.

Not much time was needed to prepare ourselves for Canisius because we had recently faced them when we took the trip to Buffalo only about a week ago. We knew what we had to do in order to win, and we knew what Canisius’ players were capable of doing and how we were going to stop them. There was a ceremony before the game, recognizing Coach Logan for his amazing achievements during this season- gaining his 100th win, and setting the all-time record for coaching wins. Winning the game 70-62 and having only 7 turnovers with 15 assists made the night one we would not forget.

The alumni game was held before our game against Rider on Saturday at 11am. It was so fun to see all of the great players come back to Loyola and play again. Kat and I were lucky enough to announce during the game. There were moments during the game where we didn’t know what to say into the microphone, so Nneka and I started singing along with the music playing (I’m extremely sorry for those of you who were there and had to listen to it). Overall it was a fun morning that I think everyone really enjoyed.

Our game against Rider was held soon after the Alumni game was over. We knew that Rider was going to come out strong and we had to work our hardest in order to leave Reitz Arena with a win. Thankfully, we did end up coming out really strong in the first half and set the pace for the entire game. In the end, we wound up getting payback for our loss against them when we played them at Rider University and won the game 71-57. Our post players were able to hold Rider’s big-body post to only 4 points as opposed to the 16 points she had against us in the first game we played them, which is a huge achievement. Kara was also able to obtain her career high with 28 points, which is amazing as a freshman. Overall, it was a great team win that we were all so happy about.

This Friday we will be facing Iona at 4pm on that will be broadcast nationally on On Sunday we will be facing Fairfield at 12 pm and you can watch that game for free on These are both teams we have not faced yet, so we are going to have to work hard and really focus during practice this week. Wish us luck and tune into our games!!

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