Start of a New Semester

After our loss against Rider, everyone was extremely upset that we didn’t play to our potential and leave New Jersey with a win. I can tell everyone is so sick of losing and not playing to the best of our abilities in the games. This week of practice needed to be focused, competitive, and game-like if our team wants to get back on track and perform the way we should be performing.

On Friday morning, we faced St. Peter’s in Reitz arena. It was our field-trip day, which means that children from local schools take the trip to Loyola to watch our game and cheer for us. The stands were packed for the most part and the kids brought so much energy to the environment. We knew ahead of time that the peahens were extremely aggressive and were going to do all that they could in order to win. Last year, St. Peter’s defeated us at home on our senior night. I will never forget the looks on our senior’s faces when that final buzzer went off. It was extremely heart breaking to see and something that we all wanted revenge for this year. Unfortunately the peahen’s shots were falling and ours were not. They shot close to 50% from the field the entire game as opposed to 27% shooting from the field in the second half. We wound up losing the game 51-68.

We only had one day to prepare for our game against Siena, which was on Sunday in Reitz arena. Everyone was already pretty familiar with Siena’s plays and personnel because we had played Siena already only a week before. Practice’s main focus was working on our defense and learning how to help the helper, meaning when someone gets beat on defense, and a person has to leave their girl to help out, someone else must shift over to watch the helper’s girl. We really need to work on our defense if we want to win more games.

Our goals on Sunday were to play defense like we had been working on the entire week and defend our home court. Because we had won our game against Siena when we played them at their gym, we had the opportunity to sweep them by winning in our gym. We were successfully able to get a win and sweep our first conference team this year. The final score of the game was 55-45.

There are finally people back on campus, which brings me mixed emotions. It makes me so excited to spend time with my roommates and friends because I have been alone in my apartment for the past 3 weeks, but it also makes me a little nervous because I know classes are starting and I am scared that my classes will be difficult. Classes will be starting tomorrow but luckily I only have one class on Tuesdays, so I will be able to ease my way back into the flow of going to classes. Hopefully this semester goes well!

We will be driving up to New York this weekend to face Marist for the first time this season on Friday, then we will be making our way to Manhattan to get some revenge against the Jaspers. Our game Friday will be on ESPNU at 6 p.m., so be sure to tune it! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and support us during our games this weekend!

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