Just Dance

Much has happened since the last time I talked to you. We had two home conference games against Niagara and Manhattan, and two away games at Siena and Rider.

Unfortunately we lost both of our two home games. The final score of the Niagara game was 57-54. We wound ending the game with 24 turnovers, which was something we should have controlled better. At the end of the day, the win goes to the team who takes care of the ball better and has fewer turnovers.

On Wednesday, we faced Manhattan, who we only had one day to prepare for. Manhattan is unlike any team we play because they play a 1-3-1 zone the entire game. In order to break a zone, we need to knock down shots, which is something that we did not do during our game, shooting only 9 for 37 from the 3-point line. The final score was 61-46 Manhattan.

On Friday, we had practice from 9-11am and left for the airport at noon. Our flight to Albany would be at 2:50. We did not realize at the time that our travel suits had zippers by the ankles and for the pockets, so everyone had to get patted down in security. Alyssa and I spent our free time in the airport playing crossword puzzles and really knowing about 5 of the 40 questions. The plane ride was only about an hour long which was nice because I don’t really like flying and neither does half of our team.

When we arrived in the Albany airport we made our way towards the baggage claim where we took guess as to who’s bag would come out first. My guess was actually the closest, so if there were a prize being given for the person who was right, I would have gotten it. Thankfully no bags were lost, which is always a concern when flying, and we made our way to the Siena College gym where we would be having shoot around to get used to the court. Gless was able to make another amazing half court shot (I recommend you check out the videos on the WBB Loyola facebook page or twitter), and we got a few shots off to prepare ourselves for the next day.

The night before our game, some girls took a trip to the hot tub to soak our legs and muscles. It was nice to relax our bodies and spend time with one another before we had to go to bed. I then took a trip to Kat and Candice’s room to paint my nails with Alyssa and Kat. Alyssa ended up knocking a brownie off of the table and did not realize that it was smushed into the carpet. The brownie left a nice brown stain in the hotel room carpet.

I honestly don’t know if our game against Siena could have gone any better. It was an awesome team win and everyone gave it their all and shared the ball. When we share the ball and execute, we play great and show what we are capable of doing. We started off the game with a nice lead and ended the first half of the game up 16 points. It is so much nicer being up a lot than having to fight back the entire second half. We ended up defeating Siena 67-54. We finished with more assists than turnovers with 16 assists and 11 turnovers, which is something we have not done much this year. Kara, Katie, and Miriam all finished with over 15 points, and Alyssa, Steph, and Miriam all collected 7 rebounds apiece.

We arrived in New Jersey, the greatest state in America, late Saturday night after a long right from Loudonville, NY. Everyone was really excited about the win and happy we were able to defeat a really good team. Everyone ended up going to Alyssa’s room that night, where we played a game called “Most Likely To”. For this game, everyone must take small pieces of paper and write random things like most likely to be rich, or most likely to have 20 children for example, then crumple up the papers and put them in a pile in the middle of the circle. Once everyone is done writing, everyone picks of the crumpled papers, opens them up, reads them, then secretly puts the in front of the person who they think is most likely to do that particular thing. After all of the papers have been distributed, that individual reads what everyone secretly else thinks of them. It was so funny to see some of the responses. Apparently, I am most likely to never marry, and I am most likely to gain 200 pounds after basketball. My teammates clearly love me.

I was so excited for Sunday to come because my family held a pasta party for the team at my house before our Monday game against Rider. It was so nice being home and seeing my family, even though it was only for a couple hours. We were able to play Taboo and Just Dance 3, which my little sister Natalie got for Christmas, and couldn’t wait to show off how great of a dancer she was. Some people were a little too shy when it came to participating, but certain people, like Alyssa and myself, couldn’t get enough of it. Jared made sure to get some nice, embarrassing videos of everyone dancing, and I am sure he will upload them to facebook or twitter, so if you are interested, you can check them out there.

We unfortunately did not start off our game against Rider like we had wanted to. Because of this, we were forced to battle back the entire game. In the end, we were unable to leave Rider with a win, losing 67-61. It stinks going from playing really well at Siena, to not playing our best two days later at Rider. I know everyone is frustrated right now and wants to win, but we just need to relax and play our game; our time will come if we play together.

Please tune into our game on Friday at 11:30am against St. Peter’s and our game on Sunday at 2pm against Siena!!

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