Back from break!

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spending time with family as much as I did and had a wonderful new year!

I left off right before our final game before Christmas break against American University, in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, we did not perform like we could have, losing the game 63-48, and going home with another loss. The game was full of turnovers and bad decisions. We definitely did not play to the best of our abilities. After the game, Coach Logan made the point that we are putting in the effort and working hard, but we are not being smart on the court. He said that in order for us to be smarter basketball players, he was going to have us watch a lot of film and analyze it after our return back to school. Everyone was extremely frustrated with the loss, and we all knew that we were going to have to be focused and ready to learn when we returned for practice on the 26th.

I was able to take a train home the next morning. We were given 4 days off to go home and spend time with our families. I was so excited to see my family and friends, be able to relax, and eat home cooked meals, which is definitely one of the things I miss the most about being home besides being with the ones I love. My older sister, Becca, was nice enough to drive me back to school the day after Christmas, where we sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic and stared into the sun the whole way (I owe her).

It’s really strange being back on campus without the other students, but I really don’t mind it. My day consists of playing basketball, sleeping, eating, and shopping at the Towson mall occasionally. It’s actually really relaxing knowing that I have no school work that is due and nothing to really worry about other than basketball.

Over break, almost all of the buildings are locked, and all of the cafeterias are closed. Our student ID’s are used to swipe us into our buildings, and we are given cash to pay for food from outside restaurants. We will usually have team meals, such as going out to breakfast, or having pizza after practice. I just need to make sure I don’t blow all of my food money at the mall, which is always were we end up when we have nothing else to do.

We came back on the 26th ready to learn. We watched a lot of film, and saw mistakes that we made. Coach Logan gave us quizzes on certain videos we watched and our previous game against American to see how focused everyone was. He had asked us to draw out plays and explain them as well. We were all able to see that we were going to have to be very focused and willing to learn if we wanted to win games in the future.

The next few days were used to prepare us for our game against Towson, which was on the 29th at Towson. Towson jumped out to a 13-0 lead to start the game in the first six minutes. After about ten minutes, we were able to pull it together and inch our way back into the game through our tough defense, cutting the lead to only 4 at half. Unfortunately with the score being tied with 6 seconds left on the clock, and Towson having the ball, they were able to score a buzzer beater to win the game 56-54. This loss was definitely one of the most upsetting because we had put up such a tough fight, but luck didn’t fall our way.

Coach Logan gave us a day off to rest our bodies before we began to prepare ourselves for our game against Niagara. The non-conference play is now over and we will be having our conference opener today against Niagara at 4:30. Conference play seems to be much more intense than non-conference because the teams and players are familiar to all players in the MAAC. Everyone is familiar with personnel, along with most of the team’s plays and strengths. Because the teams know so much about personnel and plays, games are more difficult to win because you are restricted to what you will be able to do. It is not just another game; it’s a war when it comes to conference play. This opening game against Niagara is a chance for us to show what type of team we are going into conference play, and show the rest of the MAAC what we are capable of doing.

Please support us and watch the free game video through or come on out to our game in Reitz Arena at 4:30 1/2!!

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