Done with Finals!

Hello everyone!!

I am officially done with finals!! Words can’t describe how happy I am right now. After studying all night, taking my last final this morning, and waiting about an hour in line at the bookstore to return my books, I am finally able to write this blog to keep you updated on the lives of the Loyola Women’s Basketball Team.

This week has been full of studying, lack of sleep, test taking, and basketball. After our tough loss against Mount St. Mary’s, Coach Logan gave us 3 days off from basketball, so everyone could get a good amount of schoolwork and studying done. We stepped back onto the court on Wednesday to get back in the swing of things and smooth out all of the kinks we saw during our previous game. Both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s practices were very difficult. Just thinking about the two of them is making me exhausted. Although it was extremely tiring, I thought it was good that Coach made us work hard to push each other and ourselves. We focused on fixing ourselves before we worried about George Washington’s team, which we would be seeing on Sunday.

Friday and Saturday’s practice mainly focused on GW’s plays and personnel. With three people being injured (Kiara, Miriam, and Candice) and Kat having an exam, we tried to make the best of our situation, and Coach Logan had to fill in during practice and scrimmage with us. Unfortunately his team, me being on it, did not win many of the possessions.

Every year, our team buys, wraps, and delivers presents to a local family that is less fortunate than we are. Each player is given an assigned job that they must complete. My job this year is delivering the gifts to the family. I’m excited to see the look on the kid’s faces when they receive the presents. People do not realize how fortunate they really are, especially around this time of year when gifts are being given and received.

Yesterday we played a game against George Washington, at George Washington. Going into the game, our record against them was 0-14. We were able to leave with a win against a very good team 70-62. Coach Logan was able to get his 100th win, which was so exciting. After the game, everyone felt so good about the way we played, and the outcome that came with working hard. We all sprinted into the locker room thinking about what we should do to Coach for his 100th win. We thought about dumping the water jug on his head, but we decided it would be best to not flood the locker room. Instead, we showed our appreciation of Coach by just standing up and clapping for him when he walked into the locker room. We were all so happy for Coach and happy we got to be a part of his great accomplishment. Katie Sheahin and Nicole Krusen were both able to obtain their career highs as well. Katie ended the game with 28 points, leading all players in scoring, and Nicole was able to hit 5 three-pointers and end the game with 17 points. It was such a great win to be a part of and I am so proud to be a greyhound.

Well, I am off to practice! I will have another blog ready on next week after break! I hope everyone has a great Christmas and enjoys their time with their families!!

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