Mount St. Mary’s and Finals Week

Hello again!!

I left last week right after our loss against Lehigh. For those of you who did not see the game, or get a chance to read my last blog, our performance during the Lehigh game was extremely poor and we did not play as hard as we could. There were times when we stood there and watched one of our teammates dive on the floor with four Lehigh girls, not even attempting to help her, or pick her up when the play was over. There were also times, when we were jogging back on defense and Lehigh got an easy transition layup. Coach Logan scheduled 6am practices for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on top of our afternoon practice and lifts. My alarm was set for 4:50 each morning since we were asked to be ready to go, on the court at 5:50am. Like most college student, I am unable to go to sleep before 12:30 doing homework; so getting a good night sleep was out of the question.

Wednesday morning’s practice was by far the hardest basketball practice I have ever attended. Right after practice there was required study hall for everyone on the team, unless you had class. Then at 3pm we had a lift, which involved more conditioning, jump roping, and a cable lift. Let’s just say that no one could really walk by the end of the day. By Friday morning I had gotten a total of about 12 hours of sleep for the past three nights without having time to take a nap in between practices any of the days. I had about a half hour in between classes to relax in Boulder, our cafeteria, and nearly fell asleep on the couch. Although this sounds absolutely terrible, it was totally worth the time and effort in the end. Everyone improved from working so hard, and everyone can finally see what it takes to win games and improve as players at the college level.

Coach Gless had mentioned to Kat about having a team Secret Santa this year, so right after shoot around on Saturday, we drew our names from a hat. I have absolutely NO CLUE what to get my person… This is going to be really difficult. Hopefully I’ll think of something creative because I always end up returning to the giving candy as a present idea.

All of the hard work we put in this week was to prepare us for our game against Mount St. Mary, which was on Saturday at 4:30pm immediately after the men’s game, which was at 2pm. We were able to watch a few minutes of the beginning of the second half before we had to stretch for our game, and we got to watch the last few minutes of their game to see the men put The Mount away.

Before our game, there was a surprise arrival from Candice Walker, who had knee surgery only a few days ago. It was so nice to see her doing well, and supporting us at our game. Unfortunately, we were unable to leave with a victory, losing to Mount St. Mary’s 59-54. This loss was really upsetting for everyone because we had worked so hard this past week in practice to prepare us for this game, and the rest of the season. We all knew that we were so much better than the way we performed, which made the loss even more frustrating.

Well, I know this is a shorter blog, but its finals week, and I have to write a paper for tomorrow and I have a test tomorrow, so I need to get going on that! Wish me luck, and have a nice week!!

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