Games vs. Army and Lehigh

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is a day late, I wanted to wait until we played Lehigh on Monday to post it.

On Saturday, we were able to defeat Army 68-64. Last year, we played Army right before our Christmas break. Everyone was focused on being home instead of the game and we wound up playing terribly and losing to them. Coach Logan was so angry with our performance, and we wound up having a 6:30am practice the day after we got back from break. This year’s game was extremely important to us because we wanted to avenge last season’s loss and knew that we would need to focus and play hard in order to get it.

On Sunday, practice was held in the afternoon, allowing us to sleep in a little after a great team win, having more assists than turnovers (14 assists and 13 turnovers) with four of my teammates scoring in double figures. We only had a day or so to prepare for Lehigh who had been Patriot League Champions in 2008, 2009, and 2010. We learned how fundamental the team was and we knew it was going to be a difficult game to win.

About an hour after practice we hopped on the bus and headed up to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We arrived at the hotel at about 7pm dropped off our stuff in our rooms and walked to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner.

Katie, Kat, and I got stuck at the grown-up table since there were not enough seats for all of us at the player table. I was told to mention Bill, our waiter, who was a very nice guy and who did a great job waiting our table. Dinner was so good and I was even able to introduce a new fish to Katie, which she enjoyed very much. She now knows what Tilapia tastes like. We finished dinner and headed to a room in the hotel to watch film of the Lehigh plays.

Some players were late to film and late to the bus when we were leaving, so Coach made a new rule for lateness.

After film everyone made their way back to their rooms to get some sleep. “The Hangover”, my favorite movie of all time, was on TV, so of course I had to watch that before I went to bed. Our wake up call was at 8:45 (which I did not wake up to). Thankfully Katie set an alarm on her phone, which was able to wake me up.

My little sister, who is ten years old, just started her basketball season, so I have been watching film of her games instead of getting homework done. I am hoping to become a college coach after I graduate college, so I have been teaching her and working with her every single day I am home. I know it’s a little extreme since she is only 10, but I want her to be a great player and experience what I am experiencing when she goes to college. I am the worst procrastinator. I was supposed to be writing my own composition for music, working on a take-home final for discrete methods, online homework for calc 3, and an English paper. Looks like my Tuesday is going to be a very long day.

Unfortunately our game against Lehigh did not go as we had planned, losing to them 70-60. We struggled shooting the ball and it seemed like they couldn’t miss. They were outrebounded us, and seemed to want it more than we did. Coach was not happy with the performance at all and scheduled 6am practices for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on top of our normal practices and study hall. He said we are going to be going a lot harder than we have been. Wish us luck!!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, which should be up by Monday morning!!

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