Thanksgiving…and more…

Hello all!

A lot has happened this past week. I left you all right before our game against UMBC. Unfortunately, we lost against a very talented UMBC team 60-56. Looking back at the stats for the game, our greatest flaw had to be our free throw shooting. We went 9-for-17 from the line. Making only a few more foul shots could have changed the game completely. We were hoping to leave for Thanksgiving break with a win but luck just wasn’t on our side that night.

After the game, most of the team departed for home for our Thanksgiving break. The weather during the drive back was absolutely terrible and we hit some traffic, but I was able to make it safely to my hometown of Skillman, NJ around 1 in the morning. It was so nice having a few days off to spend with my loved ones and successfully putting myself into a food coma every single night. I really hope everyone enjoyed his or her Thanksgiving as much as I did!

I had to leave my house around 1:30pm on Friday to make it to our 6 o’clock practice on time. Leaving was very hard because I do miss my family and friends more and more every single day, but having a couple days off to spend with them was very nice to have.

Many foul shots were taken during Friday’s practice (no surprise there). We also spent time looking at some of Howard’s plays and learning about the personnel. Although being home is very nice, everyone seemed excited to be back and prepare for our game against Howard, which would be only a few days away. Last year, Howard held us to only 36 points, which happened to be our season low of points scored. Howard wound up winning the game by 8, 44-36. This year, and we needed to get some payback. By the end of Friday’s practice, we had a pretty good idea of what we needed to do to beat this team, and how to do it.

After practice, we ate dinner as a team since our dining hall was closed for break. Everyone was starving because it was pretty late to be eating dinner, so everyone really enjoyed the food and finished their plates in a matter of 5-10 minutes minus Nneka who is BY FAR the slowest eater I have ever seen in my life. Everyone tries to eat at her pace, but it’s actually impossible for a hungry athlete to eat that slowly. Over the summer we actually timed to see how long it would take her to eat a Chipotle burrito. I forget the exact amount of time it took her to eat it, but I remember it being about 3x slower than everyone else.

No one really minds being here when the other students aren’t around because we get to spend a lot of time with each other. Since we are such a close team, it’s actually really fun being on campus by ourselves. The emptiness of campus is somewhat relaxing in a way, minus the fact that we all had in mind the homework that would be due on Monday, which was when classes would continue. After dinner we all made our ways back to our dorms to get some work done and go to sleep.

On Saturday morning, the team took a trip to Roland Park Bagel Company to get some breakfast before practice. Once again, we tried to eat at Nneka’s pace but I finished my bagel before she even finished her first half. After breakfast we had practice, where we really focused on learning Howard’s plays and perfecting our defense against them.

The captains (Alyssa, Kat, Katie, and Candice) got to vote where they would like the team to eat dinner that night. Alyssa suggested Carrabbas, and everyone seemed to like that idea. We left for the restaurant about an hour after practice let out. I didn’t see the text from Alyssa saying we were leaving at 4:55 until 4:54, so I sprinted down the stairs hoping they wouldn’t leave without me. There being 3 different cars, I could have easily been left unknowingly. I made it to the cars as they are about to pull away (close one!). After driving about 10 minutes on 83 South when we were supposed to be going north, making some u-turns, and feeling car sick, we made it to the restaurant.

Everyone took a seat and began to look at the menus to decide what they were going to have for dinner. Kara, Cierra, and Nai had kid menus in front of them instead of adult menus, so they started coloring and completing the puzzles, not realizing that Susan, Maggie, and Rose Logan would be coming to dinner as well. The kid menus were in fact for Maggie and Rose to color in. Whoops.

There were a bunch of interesting conversations held at dinner, but it was fun to be with the team enjoying ourselves. I learned that Steph can do this weird thing with her fingers, Alyssa can wrap her arm around her head and touch her ear, and Katie can pop her shoulder out of place. My special talent is that I can wiggle only my second toe. It takes a lot of skill; so don’t try it at home.

The next morning we had shoot around at 9 then our pregame meal at 10. We got to watch our men’s team beat Florida Gulf Coast 77-74 before our game. We were able to get our revenge against Howard and defeat them 62-56 after being down by 1 at halftime. It may not have been the way we had wanted to play, but a win is a win and everyone is pretty excited that we were able to defend our home court. Thank you to all who came out to the game!!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog and come support us in our next game against Army on Saturday in Reitz Arena at 2pm!!

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