Road Trip to Pittsburgh

Hello again, everyone!!

After our win against Navy (42-38) on Sunday, we were given Monday off to recover from our pretty hectic weekend. Everyone could use a day off to catch up on some homework and get study hall hours in, knowing that we would be leaving on Thursday around 2pm for our game against The University of Pittsburgh.

Our freshmen and those who have below a 2.8 GPA are required to attend 8 hours of study hall per week. It is not easy to attend 4/5 classes a week, have practice for about 3 hours a day, and manage to sit in the study for 8 hours. Because we were leaving on Thursday, those who are required to go to the study had one less day to get their hours done. Time management is key when we are in season. I remember last year sitting in the study on a Sunday for 4 hours straight knowing that I wouldn’t have the time to go during the weekdays. Honestly, I despised the study and it would be the last place I would want to be on a weekend, but schoolwork and grades are very important and I needed to stay on top of my workload.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s practice consisted of many drills that would better prepare us for our game against Pitt. We spent a lot of time learning plays and personnel. We learned that Pitt was a young team, and that we should use experience of playing together as a team as a weapon.

We arrived at Pittsburgh around 6:30pm on Thursday night. We went directly to the gym we would be playing in the next day to have a practice and prepare ourselves for our game on Friday at 11 am. After about an hour and a half of walking through things and refreshing our memories of what was to come, we made our way to the hotel. Everyone couldn’t wait to eat dinner and relax in the hotel rooms after a long day on the road and in the gym.

Katie Sheahin was assigned to be my roommate for our non-conference schedule. When first walking into our hotel room, I immediately called the bed furthest from the telephone so I wouldn’t have to answer the wake up call at 7:45 the next morning (sorry Katie). Katie’s parents, who were staying in the same hotel as we were, were nice enough to send some desserts through room service up to our room. Somehow the word slipped out to Alyssa and Kara, whose room was across the hall, and they helped us devour all of it. (Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Sheahin!!)

We arrived at the gym and everyone was so excited to show this Big East team what we are capable of. On top of playing this great team, it was Pitt’s field trip day and the gym was full of little kids screaming and cheering, bringing excitement into the atmosphere. For every game, before our team runs out onto the court, Candice Walker starts this clap, which the team continues, and starts chanting “Hey Greyhounds!!” repeatedly. After about 5 “Hey Greyhounds!” Candice chooses the name of someone on the team and that individual must show off her dance moves in the middle of the huddle we form. Unfortunately, Candice picked my name this game. I may be from New Jersey, but I am not a good dancer, so it was very embarrassing. I need to learn some new dance moves and practice them, so I’m ready for the next time that I’m called (Which hopefully won’t be for a while).

We started the game on a 7-0 run. But the Panthers were able to make a comeback and go ahead by 12 at half, 32-20. We unfortunately allowed Pitt to gain a bigger lead during the second half. With 3:38 left in the game, we were down 21 points. But with a little faith and belief that we could make a comeback, we did. We shaved the lead down to 3 with 28 seconds remaining on the clock. We were not able to defeat the Panthers in the end, losing the game 65-59, but we gave a great effort and that makes me proud to be a Greyhound. If we would just play like we did in the last 3:38 all of the time, our team could do big things.

Please support us during our game against UMBC this Tuesday night at 7pm!! Thanks for following the Greyhounds and this blog! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and stay tuned for next week’s blog.

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